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Make Photobook with LayerLab


LayerLab is on demand Photobook service for Cosplayer. We provide full service for production and sell photobook simple and easy for Cosplayer

  • Step 1 - Register

    Register with LayerLab. LayerLab will reach you within 24hrs

  • Step 2 - upload Photobook File

    Just upload photobook files to LayerLab.

  • Step 3 - Post Link to sell

    Layer will Get photobook's link with express checkout.

  • Step 4 - Gain Profit Every Month

    All profit will transfer to Layer every 1st day of month.

The Best Solution For Sell you cosplay Photobook

  • Simple And Easy

    • No need to pre order
    • No need to print minimum order
    • No need to stock
    • No need to Collect money
    • No need to pack and sent parcel

  • High Quality Print

    • Offset Printing
    • Quality Paper
    • Right Colour and Tone

  • Internation order is OK

    • International Shipping
    • Credit Card Accept through PayPal

  • Support All Problem

    • LayerLab is Cosplay Photobook Consultant
    • LayerLab will help and consult all problem
    • LayerLab will suggestion how to increase sell every Layer